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I'm a Cardiff based florist specialising in weddings and events. Working from my floral design studio, I cover South Wales and beyond.  I live and breathe flowers; they are quite simply something that make me smile and feel alive. 


Being the daughter of a flower arranger, it was kind of inevitable that I would eventually follow the same path, despite initially rebelling and spending time exploring the world as a flight attendant and then working onboard cruise ships. 

I have a floral style that is abundant, soft, luxurious and eclectic which I'm sure has been influenced by my childhood garden which has always had a feeling of being untamed and exciting.

When flowers are in season they are at their most beautiful – the colours seem more vibrant and the scent more fragrant. I am inspired by nature, the seasons and the English Garden.

Whether you are looking for a simple gesture vase, abundant classic urn, gift bouquet or the bridal bouquet of your dreams I will personally work closely with you to understand and compliment your vision..


AMANDA JOHN-1046 (2).jpg
Image:  Aga Tomaszec Photography
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